Training Schedule

Are you looking for the right place to do kickboxing training? All of our classes are focused on kickboxing and it is our goal to improve your skills and endurance. We teach technique classes and heavy bag classes in Amsterdam East, but our trainers are also available for personal training sessions upon request.
When you start kickboxing with Spallys, you can expect to be challenged while we work towards your desired goals and results. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now!

Technique is everything

During all of our classes, we like to focus on having fun and teaching you a proper technique. Why is this so important? Because your technique is the foundation for your future development. The right technique makes everything you do more effective and prevents injury. With the right foundation in place, you can be sure to enjoy many hours of training where you can push yourself physically and mentally, while staying safe and having fun.

Heavybag – During this workout you will focus on Dutch style combo drills. Which means you’ll be performing combo’s including punches, kicks and knees, combined with strength and conditioning drills to give you a challenging but also technical workout.

Technique: During this workout you will focus on a different variety of techniques. Dutch Style Striking, defense, and counter strikes. You will also focus on the right execution of techniques so you can improve your skills. We offer both Beginners and Advanced classes weekly.

Spallys YOUTH – We offer training for the youth from 12-17 years. We teach in a responsible way, whereby we use a playful way of teaching kickboxing and the right techniques. The emphasis is on technique and enjoy doing sports, discipline and fun. We train according to the rules of the Fighting Authorities and we have the safety certificate. We don’t train to the head/face. Kids with Stadspas or Sportjeugdfonds are welcome.

Make sure to bring your gloves and shinguards, we also have them for sale!

Experienced or beginner?

All of our classes and personal training sessions are focused on making you better, regardless of your current level. So, whether you are a complete rookie or have been kickboxing for a while, rest assured that we will have the right challenge cut out for you. Are you an advanced kickboxer and would you like to develop yourself further? Get in touch  and let’s discuss the possibilities.